What is Compounding?


  • At John’s Creek pharmacy, our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our approach to compounding medication—a tailored process that not only addresses your unique health needs but also ensures allergens and preservatives are removed from your prescriptions.

Why Should You Choose Compounding at John’s Creek Pharmacy?

  • Personalized Solutions: Our compounding services empower us to create medications tailored to your specific requirements. We understand that everyone is unique, and our formulations reflect that individuality.
  • Allergen-Free Medications: Experience the freedom from allergens and preservatives in your medications. Our compounding process prioritizes your safety, providing you with a customized, allergen-free healthcare solution.
  • Expert Guidance: Allow our highly trained and board-certified pharmacists to be your partners in health. We are dedicated to assisting you and your family in achieving maximum wellness through expert guidance and personalized care.

What Medications Can We Compound?

Compounding pharmacies, like John's Creek Pharmacy, have the ability to customize medications to meet specific patient needs. Here are some examples of medications that can be compounded:

  • Biest 50:50 2mg: Our compounding services extend to Biest 50:50 2mg, ensuring that your hormone replacement therapy is precisely formulated to meet your unique needs while eliminating allergens and preservatives.

  • Progesterone 100mg:Tailor your progesterone therapy with our compounding services. Our pharmacists are committed to removing allergens and preservatives, offering you a safer and more customized approach to your medication.

  • Testosterone 2mg: Experience the benefits of testosterone therapy with our compounded medications. Our precise formulations not only cater to your specific requirements but also ensure the removal of allergens and preservatives for a healthier treatment.