Our Story


At the turn of the century, Dr. Trudy's mother, Ms. Mattie, faced a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. Witnessing her mother's health struggles ignited a deep-seated passion for healthcare within Dr. Trudy. Driven by an unwavering desire to care for her mother, she aspired to see her own name on Ms. Mattie's pill bottles, knowing that no other human on earth could have a greater level of concern for her.

Despite Ms. Mattie's limited formal education—only reaching seventh grade—her integrity and influence surpassed academic boundaries. Dr. Trudy, being the youngest of 12 and hailing from humble beginnings, possessed an inherent inclination to help others, a trait ingrained in her character.

As Dr. Trudy honed her skills, she earned a doctorate in pharmacology, mastering the nuances of medicine and the art of nurturing. Her journey led her to Concord pharmacy, where she made history as the first black pharmacist in charge after 45 years of operations. Within a year, she took a monumental step, purchasing the business and renaming it John's Creek Pharmacy, a testament to her commitment to personalized care.

The caring ethos, inspired by her mother's journey, permeates every corner of John's Creek Pharmacy. Each person who enters is treated with the same level of care that Dr. Trudy wholeheartedly provided to her own mother.


Introducing Dr. Sharon, a highly experienced pharmacist with a deep commitment to optimizing patient outcomes. With an educational background from the Mercer University School of Pharmacy, and a successful career spanning numerous years, she cherishes the opportunity to improve lives through top-notch pharmaceutical care. Ironically, Dr. Trudy was one of her students, now they are reunited.

Please join us in welcoming her as the newest member of the John's Creek Pharmacy team. Swing by and say hello!