Patient Education

Patient Education

Prepared Medicine & Local Pharmacy Services in Suwanee, GA

We exist to bridge the gap between immediate patient needs, and the supply chain crisis. Sadly, medicine isn't the only item that is in short supply. According to many elderly customers, patience is also a lost art amongst many of the new employees in the pharmaceutical arena. We believe in making sure that customers have a thorough understanding of their prescriptions, before they depart from our location.

At John's Creek Pharmacy, we are able to prepare specialized prescriptions for customers as they wait, while simultaneously educating them about the medications they are about to put into their bodies. Our core values don't allow us to operate according to the industry minimums, which are basically measures taken to give patients enough information to prevent lawsuits. We conduct business in the most efficient manner, while we deal with each individual customer in the most effective manner.

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Prescription for disaster: America's broken pharmacy system in revolt over burnout and errors

Pharmacists with the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain felt dangerously burned out.

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