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Extra Care

John's Creek Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy located in Suwanee, GA. We opened our doors in 2021 to provide our local community with healthcare services they could rely on, and we continue that mission today.

Out of the 84,000 residents of Johns Creek, Georgia, our goal is to reach those who have been brushed aside and or overlooked by large pharmaceutical companies. In many cases, patients stand in long lines only to be hurried when it's finally their opportunity to ask questions. We look to identify those individuals who are craving the special care and concern that the practice of pharmacy was originally birthed out of: a desire to serve others.

Our pharmacy features a variety of offerings, including COVID-19 testing, compounding and health screenings. We also offer local delivery to the nearby Suwanee area. We are also in partnership with Kaiser Permanente and Love Beyond Walls.

At John's Creek Pharmacy, you're guaranteed to find a level of care that is second to none, and a pharmacist that knows you by name. Stop by our store today, and let us make your health our priority.

Our mission is to be all about HER, and we are not talking about Dr. Trudy.

We promise to provide the Highest quality medicine, and Effective communication, at a Reasonable cost.

HIGHEST quality medicine.

At JCP, we believe taking care of our customers begins with only using the highest quality medicine available. This allows patients to experience the satisfaction and improvements originally promised by their primary care physician.

EFFECTIVE communication.

The next order of business is to ensure that the patient understands how to properly take their medications. Aside from obvious negative drug interactions that could prove to be fatal, there are numerous other combinations that could render the prescription less potent or decrease it's oral bioavailability. Effective communication on behalf of the pharmacist, is the key to success for the patient.


Our goal is to provide patients with the most reasonable prices in the Johns Creek area by constantly searching for the best whole sellers of high quality drugs. We are always shopping for less expensive, rather than cheaper options.